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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh yes, I did!

Gross post alert!!!

I have always been afraid of puking!
Yes you heard me, PUKING!
I seriously get really noxious at times but have never puked
Actually I do not ever recall throwing up in all of my adult life!

Anyways, this weekend, I drove up north to visit a friend
We had a really mellow weekend away from the hubby and boyfriend
It was just me, my girlfriend, and the wide open country!
You know you're in the boons when the site of a JC Penney excites you!

So after walking around the "downtown" area we decided to get some food
I ordered a bruschetta, some lamb chops, yummy stuff
My friend ordered a smoked salmon appetizer and lamb chops too
So delicious!

Then we drove back on the high way and took in the scenery of the country side
I forgot for a minute that I get very car sick, hated raw tomatoes and dairy don't agree with me!
We took a couple different turns 'cos girlfriend wanted to show me her neck'a the woods
First a hiccup, then my mouth begun to water and then oh my God!!! I felt like puking!

Before I could utter the words...
All my food came pouring out! I mean full on projectile type!
It was the weirdest feeling ever!
Why are people bulimic again?

It was quite an eventful weekend for me! First puke! nope I'm not preggers either!


yankeenaijababe said...

That's nasty but I hope it wasn't a food alergic reaction cos that sucks. I really hope you feel better and it could be pretty annoying. On a more serious note, I hope you feel better. Sorry about that.

Maxine said...

@ YNC-I've been trying to figure out if there was anything I was allergic to. I hate mustard too and there was a mustard sauce with the lamb I wonder if that must'a been it...hmm. I feel a lot better today though:)Back with the hubby!

Merrymary said...

Awww poor hunny!!! I had some kinda food poisoning or something when I came back from miami was horrible so i feel ur pain!! was the kind that was literally projecting to the point where i couldnt stop to breathe horrible horrible but then I felt much better when it was over:)

RocNaija said...

Visions of an Adam Sandler type flick...
Did you make it ourt the car though?

Maxine said...

@Mary- yeah I felt a lot better after!, you want me to get really graphic huh? Well I kind of made it outta the

Andrea said...

Awwww, am sure hubby will take care of you.

Maxine said...

@ Andrea- yeah he did:)

yankeenaijababe said...


I am glad you feel better. Just becareful, enjoy the rest of your day.