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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Water, Water, Everywhere!

Well as some of you have figured out already, I am a health nut of some sort. Not my fault, it's the Nurse in me. When I was younger, my mum used to have a glass of water by her bedside every morning and I used to wonder why she would do that. I hated drinking water unless it had some sugar in it or was carbonated! She always encouraged us to drink a tall glass of water and I guess she was on to something. Here goes...
... DRINK WATER ON EMPTY STOMACH. Apparently, it is popular in Japan today to drink water immediately after waking up every morning. Furthermore, scientific tests have proven its value. Now I can not vouch for these research claims but I can attest to the fact that drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning, gives me the same boost of energy as eating a small bowl of cereal and also gets your metabolism going! Just try it for a week and see if you don't feel better. I also aim to drink at least 4 bottles( 600ml) each day! I realize that most of the time, the majority of colored people admitted while I was working at the hospital were dehydrated so consider this my little campaign to get us hydrated! Quench your thirst, people!

Also, the following fruits are dear to my heart and if you are not a huge fan of Bananas like myself, you can substitute with Plantains.

Bananas: Protects your heart , Quiets a cough ,Strengthens bones ,Controls blood pressure, Blocks diarrhea

Blueberries: Combats cancer, Protects your heart,Stabilizes blood sugar,Boosts memory, Prevents constipation

Broccoli: Strengthens bones,Saves eyesight,Combats cancer, Protects your heart,Controls blood pressure
Cabbage: Combats cancer,Prevents constipation,Promotes weight loss,Protects your heart,
Helps hemorrhoids

Have a happy and Healthy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Oh Max thanks for the tips. Since I did my lemonde diet 4 weeks ago, i hv been addicted to water! just like u, i now go around wit my bottle of water! i strive to take 8 cups each far so good!
so plantain is a fruit? i thought it was a vegetable! lol! scrap that! lol!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Thank you. I try the water sometimes, but I have not been able to sustain it. I will try again, then.

Kwegyirba Aggrey-Orleans said...

I tried the water thing this morning. It felt good. Still does. I'll continue. Thanks Miss Maxy!

Shels said...

Aha! one of my really good friends doesnt like drinking water at all...its very serious, i keep telling her, she thinks its jux me. I am soo mailing this to her!!
TX for the Brocolli tip..i'm on it like sonic!!

Maxine said...

@KG- Lemonade is ok. I guess as long as you are balancing it with water, you're good. Drinks containing sodium can draw water away from your system so don't overdo it.

@NY- It is easier to keep up if you carry a bottle with you :)

@K.A-O- Glad you feel good. I realized that the more water I drink soon as I wake up, the easier it is to get things moving too. Constipation is minimal and I have hardly gained much weight this summer!

@Shels- tell your friend that dehydration can lead to confusion too!And if 70% of the body is made up of water, what is her's made up of? Oh and the brocolli will help this come out easy too! your colon will be thnaking you someday for preventing cancer!

Anonymous said...

Someone once told me I drink too much water?!

I LOOOOOOOOOVE water. My favorite kind is room temperature water. First thing (sometimes the only) thing I drink in the morning and I absolutely have to have some water before I go to bed at night! Its a must.

Sankofa said...

Thanks for this. Definitely gonna try the water in the morning thing

RocNaija said...

Didn't know banana's and broccoli ha that many functions..
Thanks for sharing!!

Maxine said...

@ Roc- You won't believe the kinds of stuff Bananas can do.It is full of potassium which helps regulate blood pressure! It is pretty much borderline amazing!...hehe