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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Scheduling Conflict?

I thought about you today
As I got up from my bed
All I could think of was you
I wanted to talk
Slowly I pushed myself up
With my right hand
Sat at the edge of the bed for a few minutes

Then I thought to myself:
Did he give me a kiss good morning/good bye?

I kept thinking about you
As I walked to the bathroom
Subconsciously, I whispered "Thank You"
And did the usual " a couple silly faces to make me smile"
I stared back at the image
And wondered why you gave me these features
Walked purposefully to the kitchen...

Then I thought to myself:
Did I eat too much dairy again?

I'm still thinking about you
1,2,3 O'clock come by
Emails checked, replied,
Facebook checked and stalked
Blogspot checked, new followers
Mine, where did the time go
Turned the TV on to while away the time
Then I thought to myself:
Did I call him already?

I thought about you
I know it felt like I was stalling
I could have made the contact there and then
Is it OK if I don't talk to you today?
Would you understand if I pretend that's okay?
Would you always care anyways?
Whether words are spoken or not?

Then I thought to myself:
Does it even matter?

So here I am at the close of today
Still thinking about you
Wishing I could talk to you
Cluttered my world with unnecessary chatter
Confused myself with insignificant banter
When all the while you watched on with a smile
Thinking of me as another day begins


Abena Opokua said...

SAME Exact setiments I am feeling

Maxine said...

Glad I could echo your sentiments :)Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, we forget to give Him his due.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Wow. You wrote that for God/Jesus? That's way cool!

Maxine said...

haha... Thanks Nana Yaw, I'm cool like that! On the real though. I do think about Him all the time and I know it is only His GRACE which carries me through.

Shels said...

My sentiments EXACTLY...and it kinda bothers me, that I do all the insignificant things before i talk to the one who created me, the only reason why i am alive and able to carry on with my nonsensities.

Tx, Maxine, today you just gave me a nudge!

*Diane* said...

Beautifully're good!

UnderCover07 said...

Liked the poem....its the story of my relationship with HIM...but its a continuous work in progress.