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Friday, October 2, 2009

Incomplete Doc.

I sat up with a jolt
Light bulb came on suddenly
A moment of realization
"I am a work in progress"

Was wondering what perfection was
Why it seems humanly impossible
To attain the unattainable
To be perfect in every sense of the word

Like a poem without a perfect ending
Like an essay to be submitted for a grade
I need constant editing
"I am a work in progress"

Epiphany at long last
I have been Saved!
Just as I do my typed work
Saved for constant editing

My "aha!" moment finally
Someday, the final work will be presented
Then, the work will be complete
Until then, I remain saved!

Copyright ©2009 Maxine Mosley Totoe


Sunnyside said...

I like this poem. . " i am a work in progress" lovely

i guess we are all a work in progress going tru constant editing till we reach our perfect state. .
Keep it up

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Strong,secure emotions. The persona is content knowing they are short of perfection. But, the persona is happy. It sent me thinking: could perfection (assuming that it was attained by man) bring any more happiness than we already (can) have? I do not know, and I am not too confident that the answer would be yes!

Myne Whitman said...

Lovely poem, realising this enables to move forward. I'm a work in progress too, no one is perfect.

Abena Opokua said...

i really like the ending.. "until then I remain saved"
great piece. we're working pieces but recognizing that we ought to strive to make ourselves "better" not necessarily perfect but better, is important..

Maxine said...

Thanks you guys! You do things for my ego! hehe
@Sunnyside- We sure are!
@NY- Perfection seems unattainable because there will always be another person better than you are :) but being content with what you are and trying to better yourself or trying to be the best at what you do is essential :)
@Myne- Thanks
@Abena- Appreciate your insight into realizing that being "better" is important:)Glad you like the ending. The pun was intended:)

Shels said...

Yes Yes...i absolutely love it, n love d ending too..we r all saved by His Grace...change is a constant (o i jus got inspiration-- change is a constant.hehe), but as i was saying we r all under construction, we just have to make sure we dun retrogress, but progress instead. lovely. i feel like u haven't blogged in so long..such a breath of fresh air.

Maxine said...

@ Shels-aww Thanks!

Dr. Otefe said...

yes O! God ain't through with us yet and as long as we walk and work with Him like 'fine wine', we get better and better.
Great poem Maxine...God bless you

Dr. Otefe said...

yes o! work in progress indeed and like 'fine wine', in the hand of God, we can only get sweeter.
Great poem Maxine.