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Sunday, November 29, 2009


And she kept reading...

I know your todays and tomorrows
Give me your yesterdays and sorrows
Just look to me, I'll be your guide
I'll bless your life, I will provide

Trust in me for I do know what you lack
Look ahead, trust in me, don't look back
I have not forgotten or failed you at all
I know your every need, the big and small

I will be with you
Protect your entire life
I love you
Will bless you as husband and wife

I dont even remember the lady's name but her poem reminded me again of God's continued love and faithfulness toward us.


yankeenaijababe said...


How was your thanksgiving? I hope you had a fun one. Thanks for reminding us via this poem of God's love. Love it. You have a good week, hope the new job is kicking in great. Stay blessed.

Ghana_Hall_of_Shame said...

With such love on our side, we have no need to look elsewhere.

Myne Whitman said...

Nice conclusion, I like the last verse. Have a great week.

Maxine said...

@YNC- Girl my thanksgiving was pretty awesome. I met even more Nigerians!

@GhanaHallofShame- True words Mike!

@Myne- I like the last verse s ton too!

Andrea said...

Love the poem, can I copy and print it.

Maxine said...

@ Andrea- Yes You can my love :)