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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow Bunnies

I was so excited about the weather in TX.
Sunny days in the winter, shorts and flip flops in January!
I really was! and then yesterday, I heard it was snowing in Michigan
Beautiful snow flakes that sometimes land oh so softly on your cheeks.
And then I had a yearning for the snow, the boots, the jackets, the hat,
The mittens/gloves,cleaning snow off my car, turning my heat up to 80!
...The whole shibang!
Am I a Michigander? I might be at heart! Weird huh?
I might change my mind before long.
Perhaps a visit back is due soon :)


Myne Whitman said...

I heard it snowed in several places yesterday including some parts of Texas. I'm in Seattle and no show here. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas really.

RocNaija said...

The sort of weather people run away from, you yearn for..

*Scratches head*

I can never understand women..

Maxine said...

@MYNE- White Christmas sounds great! How Ironic that we did without it growing up huh?...

@Roc- Man, even we don't get some of our actions so don't worry, you're right on course!...haha

Big heart said...

the thot of white christmas sounds so dreamy n nice, but i'm so dreadin dis yr's winter/snowy grounds,hmm i guess we humans can't b fuly satisfied rite.

Maxine said...

@ Big Heart- Exactamente!...hehe

Enkay said...

I was amazed when a friend told me it snowed in Houston and didn't believe her until she sent pictures. I was like Wow! Wished I was there!

thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sankofa said...

I find myself missing cold winter weather as well. Christmas just feels weird in a hot climate. Plus, I miss winter dressing!

Maxine said...

@Enkay- Glad you share the same sentiments!
-The pleasure was all mine!

@Sankofa- Cold weather dressing is just so chic and adds some sophistication I think :) Hope you doing great.

Ghana_Hall_of_Shame said...

Are you kidding me? Just wait till the stores start stocking little summer dresses. You'd be wondering where the sun has been all your Michigan life LOL
And no. Nothing spells chic than a little black dress.
I know. It's not the snow you miss. You just using that as an excuse to go visit Michigan folks right?


Maxine said...

@Mike- hahaha... I hit up the mall and man, the shoes were hottt! Summer is good too! Yeah, i need an excuse :)