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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rio Grand Valley

Oh mine! I just realized it's been a week since I posted! I have been so busy and so tired from trying to get the new place all homey and cozy. The Rio Grand Valley really is popping! I met some Ghanaians today! I could not believe my eyes! I was so sure there will be no Ghanaians whatsoever. I knew that I might find at least one Nigerian, but Ghanaian? Never in a million years!

Not that I was looking out for or singling the colored folks out but it helps to know that at least one other colored person has a similar experience to yours. So yeah, I met TWO Ghanaian families today and they were very nice people! Now I don't feel so alone.

This place even has an African shop!Say what!?! Guess where the owner is from? Omo Naija ooo!


Ampong said...

Yay Missmaxy i'm happy for you!!! i'll continue to pray with you that you settle in quickly. miss you :-(

Myne Whitman said...

Hey, nice to know you guys are settling down well. I tot you were moving to Houston or Austin, LOL. Have a great week.

ps, I like your new pic.

yankeenaijababe said...

The new picture is so pretty, loove the hair on you. Really nice.

Yeah! you finding new friends, am happy for you. I know you going to love love it. Trust me, this is just the beginning of new happening for you. You stay cutie, have a good week.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Glad you're settling down so quickly. Don't worry about us. We'll be here to read when you find the time to blog regularly again.

Anonymous said...

Omo naijooo oooo, hahahahaha :)

Andrea said...

Glad to here things are going well.. take your time.,,whenever you are ready you can blog.
Are you in a white nieghbourhood.

Lady A said...

Yeah, take your time with it. I know the feeling. We were always the only 'black' family. So when we did see other black families we got excited.

Golda Addo said...

Seriously?! 9ja dat!! But look how that all made you whew in relief ... take it easy, Miss Maxy.
The Big One is in control ... kisses all the way.

adoma said...

Maxy, I follow your blog but never comment!! I have to say keep your strength on this new journey. I'm so happy for you! P.S. Don't you know you can find a Nigerian anywhere?? lol

Maxine said...

@Awura- Miss you too, plenty!
@Myne- This place is better than Houston or Austin!...hehe
@YNC- Thanks girl! You know I had to try it!
@NYA- Thanks for your patience, man!
@Christabelle- haha, your people don make me happy ooo!
@Andrea- Hey girl, well the population is mostly Hispanic. It is very interesting.
@Lady A- Will try and get back quickly!
@Adoma- why have you not been commenting?...hehhe...glad you did! Now I know I can find the Naija ppl everywere!

Mike said...

I c u starting to dig the new hometown already :-)
Best wishes

Maxine said...

@Mike-Thanks. Don't know if I would use the word dig but I definitely don't hate it :)