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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sweetest Day!

Happy Valentine's day Y'all! I know it's a little late but I hope someone was super nice or sweet to you today! I have always felt a little weird about this day. Sometimes I don't know whether to love it or hate it. The commercial side of it is unbelievable! Half my church was wearing red, countless numbers of people at the cinema were wearing red or pink. People had tacky heart shirts on etc... It gets a little nauseating and overwhelming :S

In spite of that, I think it is important for people to remember to be nice and sweet to each other and if it take this one day to remember to do that, then so be it :) I think sometimes in our lives, we forget to appreciate and really love on the people who mean the most to us. Maybe this is the day on which most of us actually sit to think about going out of our way to be nice to those who have been there for us all year long. Hopefully, that is true for you too.

If you're reading this, thanks for visiting my blog and for always checking it even if I don't have any updates for days and days! Happy Valentines Day! Don't forget to brush your teeth before going to bed! Come on, you know I had to throw in a healthy tit bit! Hugs


Fragilelooks said...

ok, i hate brushing let alone at nite. lol. hope u had a gr8 val.

Myne Whitman said...

LOL at that ending. Well Val's all over but we have to keep the love alive. Have a nice week.

Mike said...

Happy Vals year to you. Which movie did you see? the one with Ashton Kutcher and all dem other stars?
Do I still need to brush after using my chewing stick? :-)

Maxine said...

@ Fragilelooks- I had a great day:)

@Myne- Yes love,we have to keep the loving alive!

@ Mike- LOL-Chewing stick does not count. It can actually damage your gums! And yes, I did see Valentine's Day. It wasn't bad at all:) It was sweet and funny!

Esi W. Cleland said...

heh? chewing stick damages gums? what about saawee and the head of the plantain and charcoal?