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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I got this award a little while ago from prettykay (Thanks girl!) and I guess I missed passing it on. If you're reading this you're tagged. The rule is to say 7 things about yourself which I think I have done in two previous posts but I could do it again :-)

1. I'm a great wife if I do say so myself. (You better agree Honey!) hehe
2. I am also a girly girl and make no apologies for it. (Yeah I love pinks, purples, blues, shoes, getting my hair did, make-up, dresses, shopping etc). Why would I deny I'm a girl? ha!
3. People always guess I'm between 18-23! Very fluttering!
4.I love life!
5. I wish I were more passionate about my faith than people see. I love Jesus with a passion and I am unapologetically christian!
6. I love being a nurse but I'm not sure if I love my current job
7. I believe I am meant for greatness and I am still in the process of letting that manifest in my life :-)


Esi Cleland said...

hehe. I haven't read any blogs this year. Can u believe it? And it's already march. Good to see y'all are still holding it down.

i like 4, 5, and 7.

Keep doing you.

Maxine said...

Esi! where have you been hiding kwraa. Chica, as for Afrochic, when I step foot in Ghana, I think I'll go broke. So many outfits I want!