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Monday, May 16, 2011

Stuck On You

I must confess that I am going through a period of writer's block again. I have run out of things to share with my readers and it really bothers me to no end :-? Sorry folks! I think my problem is that I do not want to disappoint myself with mediocre and offensive writing. Anybody going through a moment like this?

The past week was pretty depressing for me and I finally fell completely apart a couple days ago after talking to my dad. He is absolutely the sweetest person and he always speaks encouraging and affirmative words to me. It made me sad to look at people's photos and see them together with their families. A part of me longed for that period in my life when my whole family was together and the nostalgia just overwhelmed me.

I feel a lot better now but as I wistfully wished for better family connections, it made me realize that I missed being in close proximity to my "friends" as well. Distance and different experiences have drawn some of us apart but if you have been a friend to me in the past or presently, thank you! It does mean the world to me :) Have a great week y'all!


Jaycee said...

Good writers will always worry about not putting mediocre and offensive writing out there. But the thing is, people really do love simplicity.

Simplicity is enough.

I'm a regular at the Writer's Block down the street, until I tell myself to just stay away from it.

Ampong said...

awww Maxine i miss you sooooo much :-(

Maxine said...

@ Awura- miss you too ;-)

Think-About-It said...

Good friends, loving family. Cant replace the love you share.
Distance adds a positive touch - missing their company makes us treasure every little moment we get to share.
Glad you are feeling a little better.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Dear, I am an anonymous regular on your blog cos I think you are wonderful! You are so sweet and pure hearted (if you know what I mean). We went to both St. Bernadette and Gey Hey together but don't bother cos you will never guess who I am. It is weird but I have felt a bit down lately myself cos of this same reason. My husband and I are in one of those quiet cities in the US and keep to ourselves. I am so over the jealous, gossipy, backbiting, competing relationships so I have let go of a lot of toxic friends. Recently though I figured instead of worrying I should ask my Father to bring another like-minded couple our way who share similar Christian values/beliefs/education etc. as we do who we can hang out with and do things with. Some friendships like that can become very close, and almost like family if it is a God-made connection. Nothing has happened yet but I’m hopeful. Try it, He might just surprise us 

Maxine said...

Hi anonymous! Thanks for visiting. So we went to high school together huh?I didn't go to Bernadette's tho but that means you lived in K'si! hehe...i'm being a detective. That's been my prayer too and I hope we both find that comfort ;-)